Saturday, February 02, 2008

a "rotation"

so it is apparently the thing to do, to let people know what kinds of music have been played on my iPod and/or computer and/or car stereo lately. i've considered the origin of the term "rotation" and i'm assuming people used it when talking about the albums or CDs that were, necessarily, rotated on and off the player.

anyways, i tend to like songs individually in most cases (as opposed to the whole album). so here are a few songs which have arrested my attention in the past couple of weeks when i have used my iPod on the bus and while i walk across campus and pretty much anytime i would rather not have to acknowledge the presence of my fellow man around me. you might notice that some of this is "indie" music. it's true. (speaking of cool things, i know it's really cool to like music that most people haven't heard of or that isn't played on the radio, so i'm trying to get on that wagon too.)

the funeral - band of horses . one amazing song that gives me goosebumps.
bleecker street and el condor pasa - simon and garfunkel. lots of simon and garfunkel has been played lately, but these one keep coming back.
twenty two fourteen - the album leaf. like little shiny dots and even romantic in my opinion...a beautiful and gentle little song.
warmer climate - snow patrol. just a soft pastel that doesn't make any sense to me and doesn't need to.
priests and paramedics - dave bazan. a little morbid, but it makes you think about life and death and how you view those things.
i'll make a man out of you - mulan soundtrack. so i happen to love mulan, and this song is my favorite from the soundtrack. :)
poeme pour catherine - martin tillman. melancholy and emotional and beautiful. piano + cello (one of my favorite instruments).
156 and snow brigade - mew. i actually could recommend almost all of this album, but these two are is currently my favorites. they have an intense feel to them.
look at you girl - chris ledoux. i am not a fan of country music by any means, but this song just makes me happy, okay?
everyday - carly comando. an amazing piano song with a lot of dark tones and deep notes.
fire on high - electric light orchestra. just the second half of the song...but it's really awesome.
you can't hurry love - the supremes . does anyone need to justify listening to this song? it puts the dance in ya! :)
i summon you - spoon. mostly i like it for the guitar parts.
such great heights - iron & wine. again, a song that doesn't need explanation. it's just a great song.

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