Sunday, March 02, 2008


in lieu of a post i actually have to think about, here are some interesting statistics gleaned from the tracking software installed on this site (so yes, i know where you live and maybe even how often you visit my page).

i started using StatCounter on October 13, 2005; but, my blog was started on September 28, 05. so it's not exactly accurate to the exact beginning of the site.

total number of page loads to date: 9,192
unique visitors: 6,308
returning visitors: 2,962

that means 3,346 people have come across my page, never to return.

the record number of unique visits on one day appears to be 54 visitors, on June 5, 2006. that was right about when i left for Ecuador, and i think i had sent out an email to a lot of people (relatives mostly) who supported me or would be interested in my trip. i didn't actually have a post dated June 5, which is kind of weird. but apart from that day, the average number of visitors per day is around 5.

i have been found many times through google searches. for example, if you search for "sound and fury update," my blog comes up at #5. :) if you search for "God Loves Beauty Festival bible christianity," one of my posts is also on the first page. i'm number two on the search "what does full of sound and fury mean." i'm on the second page for the google search "warmer climate snow patrol sound effects." also, if you search for "pca doctrine" my site will come up eventually. (but it won't come up anyplace within the first 19 pages - that's when i got tired of clicking through it. yes, someone was THAT curious about PCA doctrine.)

i've had visitors from all over the world, but unfortunately the detailed stats are only kept for the last 100 page loads. i've had visitors from all continents (and i think from all states), and while of course most of my hits are local, there's always a curious concentration of visitors from Amsterdam.

of my last 100 visitors, 59 used firefox 2.0, 18 used safari, 16 used explorer 7.0, and the remaining 7 visitors chose to desecrate my page with explorer 6.0.

the least popular month was May of 2007, when a paltry 117 unique ISPs were logged. the month with the highest number of unique visitors was January 2008, when there were 387. interesting, eh? especially since...

and i had over a thousand MORE hits in 2006 than in 2007. i wonder what i am doing differently now.

oh yeah, plenty of people click from links to my page from friends' pages, so for anyone who has a link on their page, thank you! :) most effective referrers are Curtis and Johanna; runner-up is the onefaith web site.

anyways, there are infinitely more little factoids i could share with you, but that's about all the interesting stuff i could find. so just make sure you all keep coming back so i can keep tracking you. :) thank you to all my faithful readers!

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