Thursday, December 03, 2009

the end of this story

In case you were still wondering, I've decided to put this blog to rest, for good, forever. It is kind of sad. Although I haven't updated it for almost a year, it was my channel of expression for a good few years of my life. I spent so much time with that stupid HTML code to get it just right!

Lots of things have changed. I'm married to an incredible man! I'm graduating college very shortly. In short, life is just at another stage. I just wanted to thank you all for your kind reading and commenting. If you're reading this. If you write on a blog, and no one sees it...??

But, amongst the tears and waving of handkerchiefs, the good news is that Justin and I are going to be starting our own blog. Well, mostly me, because he doesn't really like to write on blogs anymore, but I still get those urges all the time, and he'll probably write some, if I promise him cookies. He is a good writer, and no one except me would ever know.

So, even though our new blog isn't written in yet, it's already "there." Turn the Page.

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