Monday, May 12, 2008

50 things i dislike

to contrast my ancient '100 things i like' list...but for brevity's sake (and so you will believe i am 2/3 positive and only 1/3 negative) there are only 50 things i don't like.

1. the way seafood smells before it's cooked
2. speakers/mics/headphones that crackle
3. ingrown toenails
4. chapped lips + no chapstick
5. when people smoke. everyone hates that they do it, and so do they, but they still DO!!! AAARRGH!!!
6. tight socks or shoes
7. white sheet cakes
8. the fact that people can be poor singers and still be on the radio
9. drivers that are completely oblivious to the fact that they're driving
10. the cheap jerks who leave bad tips, or no tips. if "times are tough," DON'T EAT AT PRICEY RESTAURANTS.
11. off-brand yellow vanilla ice cream
12. people who think they're really good at something when they're not
13. overuse of smiley faces on the internet
14. tripping on things in front of people
15. being misguided or mistaken
16. finding a tiny spot of dried toothpaste on the corner of my mouth
17. trying to eat substantial food off soft, pulpy paper plates
18. garish and over-noisy baby toys
19. paying money for stuff i won't ever use (e.g. student fees for the bug center)
20. no variation on anything
21. the word 'sickle'
22. remembering that i have a nice wad of my OTHER jeans
23. when people constantly and knowingly use phrases and terms that no one else will understand
24. when there is nothing to photograph
25. 1990s fashion
26. too many fake flowers
27. when dentists pick at your teeth with that sharp thing
28. the combination perm/mullet my parents gave me when i was 10
29. when the weather restricts where i go and what i do
30. lack of real creativity in most peoples' weddings
31. dyed hair (usually), especially fakish blonde highlights for guys
32. when i have to do stupid things just to satisfy others' expectations
33. not learning anything in class on any given day
34. beige
35. having to see peoples' lower backs and butt cracks when i sit behind them in class
36. death and decay
37. how some people can fall asleep anytime they try
38. emo haircuts (yes, they ALWAYS look bad)
39. small talk and its cemented role in normal society
40. not knowing how to do something new
41. wondering if people like me
42. how the few things i do like about winter (mittens, fireplaces, sweatpants) aren't available or appropriate during summer
43. when i lose an eBay auction by like 25 cents
44. the shortness of life and how quickly it is gone
45. how there are old people who are neglected and miserable and just waiting to die
46. asking stupid questions and then trying to cover it up with something funny or ironic
47. the smell of dead grass or flower-water too long in the vase
48. those gums that toothless babies have (creepy)
49. milk with anything other than cereal or chocolate cake
50. too much clock-ticking going on in a given room

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